May 4, 2018

Stationary Station with a 12x12 Envelope - CCB Crew Challenge

Hello everyone!

Today I’m so happy to share a very special paper project I created for Canvas Corp Brands.

This was part of a Crew Challenge. All CCB designers were assigned to make a unique and creative project out of the Canvas Corp Envelope 12x12 - Kraft.

Please visit Canvas Corp Brands Blog, to view what the other designers created with the envelope and get a lot of inspiration for your projects!

It really is a big and so luscious envelope that I definitely didn’t want to cut it to pieces. At some point the idea of turning it to a box hit my mind and that’s how I ended up creating this...

Stationary Station

In the following video you can watch the whole process of transforming the envelope.  

And here are some photos

I really hope you had fun with this project and you will give it a try.

I love to read your comments and always feel free to ask me any questions…or just say “Hi” JJJ

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April 29, 2018

Gorgoneion Assemblage

Hello everyone!

Today I’m so excited to share a very special project I created, inspired by Greek Mythology.

I had this wooden beach racket in my “scrap box” for ages. Its shape always reminded me of a hand mirror. Mirrors are very often referred to as having magical powers, in myths and fairytales.

One thought led to another and soon I remembered the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa.

In the video, you will hear me talking a bit about the myth, and how it inspired me to create my

Gorgoneion Assemblage

The whole piece measures 16 inches high and 11 inches wide.

For this art piece, I used DecoArt Acrylic Paints and Finnabair Metallique Paints. You will find full list of materials at the end of this post.

from which I took the round shape of the focal point, the gold and blue colors and the faces shown on their beautiful moodboard.

Here are some close ups of the assemblage.

I really hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave me your comments or just say high. 
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Also, stay tuned, because I’m always “cooking” a new art recipe! ;)))

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List of materials


Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish
Chalky Finish Paint Lace
Traditions Raw Umber
Traditions Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
Media Crackle Paste
Media Shimmer Mister Turquoise
Media Shimmer Mister Yellow
Media Fluid Acrylic Cobalt Blue Hue
Media Fluid Acrylic Cobalt Turquoise Hue
Media Ultra Matte Varnish


Art Alchemy
Metallique Paint Gold Rush
Metallique Paint Light Patina
Metallique Paint Mermaid Teal
Wax Aged Brass
Art Basics Soft Matte Gel

Fimo Air Dry Clay
Glue E6000
P80 Sanding Paper

April 25, 2018

Dream Catcher Canvas for Daily ART

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you the second April project I created for Daily ART, which is also my final dt work for the company.

I had such a great time designing for Daily ART and I would like to say many thanks to Aleksandr Romanenkov – owner - for being so generous with the art supplies we got as designers.

I wish all the best to the rest of the Design Team. I know that some designers are staying, others are leaving and some new are coming in. You all have an adventurous, inspiring and creative artistic journey!

Back to the project - having a boho –gypsy theme for this month - the idea of creating a dream catcher and placing it in front of a bright, full of texture background came to me instantly. For this project, I was very much inspired by some wonderful dream catchers I saw on Facebook by Stacey Young.
So, here it is my…

Dream Catcher Canvas

I worked on a 30 x 40 cm (approx. 12” x 15 3/4”) canvas. To create the dream catcher I combined two different sized hoops and weaved it with woolen yarn. I gessoed the whole object and used Gel Medium Matt to glue it on the canvas.

I sculpted the feathers with air-dry paper clay. I applied some Fine Texture Paste through a stencil on the whole canvas and let it dry completely. Gave one coat of White Gesso to the whole surface and let that dry too.

To paint my composition, I started with the darker colors and then I created more layers with the lighter colors, in order to achieve depth and interesting shading. I also emphasized in accenting the texture I had created.

I used a Sizzix die and some old scrapbooking paper from my stash, to make some of the flowers and leaves. I highlighted those with Glossy Ink Sprays in pink and green. I used them to create a cluster on the right side of the dream catcher.

Lastly, I balanced my composition with some trims of fabric and lace, on the left side.

This project made me very happy and I think it was because of all those bright yellows and pinks I chose to use. And I must say this is a rare thing for me to do haha I am known for my love for rusty and distressed surfaces.

I hope you like it too! If you do, I would love to read your comments or just a hello!

Stay tuned, because I always have something new in progress ☺☺☺

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April 20, 2018

Creating Faux Woodgrain for CCB April Challenge

Hello everyone!

It’s Friday and I wish a wonderful and creative weekend to you all!

Today, I would like to share a dt project I created for Canvas Corp Brands April Challenge, which is all about “Woodgrain”.

 It was only natural for me to get inspired by the woodgrain theme. Natural textures are my biggest love!

The other thing that intrigued me was the fact that I had never worked with Glimmer Mists before. Most of my art work is done with acrylic paints and I usually go for a vintage or grunge dead matte finish.

So the big challenge was to come up with a way to use the Glimmer Mists other than the usual and expected, that is to give a shimmery and shiny finish to a surface.

You can visit the Canvas Corp Brands blog to see more details about this project and enjoy a full process VIDEO TUTORIAL. Just follow this link:

You can browse the Blog to get inspiration by the other designers and find out how you can enter the challenge. Here’s the link to the challenge’s main page:

I really hope you enjoy the project and get some inspiration for your next creation. Come and play along at CCB Challenge and get the chance to be the next CCB Guest Designer!

Stay tuned for more projects are coming up!

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April 11, 2018

Boho Lantern for Daily ART

Hello everyone!

April is a month full of flowers and bright colors. This time we had a Boho-Gypsy theme over at Daily ART, a true celebration of Nature and its beauty!

I was very much inspired by the warm reds and yellows and wanted also to bring in some of that vintage touch, I always love to give to my projects.

I have dozens of IKEA ROTERA lanterns at home, to decorate my balcony during the summer….Who doesn’t? JJJ

So, I only had to put all that into one project…

…my Boho Lantern

As you will see in the video, for this project I went with Daily ART Glossy Ink Sprays, that come in many beautiful and very bright colors. I used them to stain the lantern’s glasses and that really made them look like handmade stained glass.

For the lantern, I used Vintage paint, which is an all-surface acrylic paint with a very good grip and needs no prepping. 

I applied it with a foam brush, which helped me create a texture very similar to forged metal. All that texture was beautifully accented with Patinas in dark and light silver tones.

To take it one step further, I used this incredibly gorgeous steel die by Kaisercraft, called “Sari Texture”, and created the decorative mesh on the stained glasses.

I had such a great fun with this project! Now, I’m going to alter all my lanterns and give a Moroccan look to my balcony!!!

Hope you like it too and give it a try!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Until next time,

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March 26, 2018

Easter Eggs Decor

Hello everyone!

Wish you all have a beautiful, creative week!

Today I’m on Scraps N Pieces-The Blog, with the whole Design Team and we are showing some Easter inspired projects.

I went for the eggs and believe me I had no choice haha. 

My youngest daughter Isabella, bought dozens of polysteryne eggs from our local bookstore and had them scattered all over our house for many days. 

So it was about time, I put an end to this mess JJJ

For the decoration, I casted some Iron Orchid Designs moulds. Also I stamped some images on tissue paper and then I collaged them on the eggs.

For the coloring, I used DecoArt Chalky Finish paints and Americana Decor Clear Crackle Medium. As a vintage finishing touch I coated all the eggs with Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium Vintage.

Visit Scraps N Pieces-The Blog to see what our designers made for Easter and get some inspiration for your next projects!

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Until next time,

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March 23, 2018

Shabby Chic Wood Plaque for Scraps N Pieces-The Blog

Hello everyone!

Spring is here alright! The smells, the colors the sounds, everything in Nature is becoming alive again!

That’s what our moodboard over at Scraps N Pieces-The Blog is all about. 

Dare to Blossom, no matter where you are “planted”, or whether the flowers next to you are brighter and more beautiful.

Each one of us is so unique and we are all beautiful for just who we are!

This moodboard inspired me to make a shabby chic project full of flowers and with a natural organic feel and texture. Romantic and all pastel colors, not exactly my comfort zone haha.

I really enjoyed it, because I love challenging myself and being happy with the result.

As you will see in the video, for the decoration on the plaque, I used a wide variety of Finnabair products as well as moulds and stamps by Iron Orchid Designs.

For the wooden plaque I used DecoArt Chalky Paints, which I love so much and also the Ultra Matte Varnish by the same company, because it’s my favorite and it’s a really strong sealant!

Enjoy some close ups.

I really hope you like the process and be inspired by it. I would love to read your comments about the project. Also if you have any questions about it or the materials I used, I’ll be very glad to help you.
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At the end of this post you will find a list of supplies, most of which are available at

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List of Supplies

DecoArt Chalky Finish Acrylics - Primitive, Lace
Phthalo Turquoise, Raw Sienna, Paynes Grey, 
Transparent Red and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
Peach Opal Magic
Mermaid Teal, Lime Peel, Fresh Orange, Vintage Rose, Rusty Red